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Znapp GameZone

Welcome to Znapp GameZone

This web page is portal for free cell phone games. The games here may be demo versions, but they must be playable and entertaining without a cost for the user.

The games so far is j2me games, working on most cell phones supporting java/j2me. Also Android and other Java games are welcome!

Znapp Quix

This game is a classic quix game, now available on cell phones. The target is to avoid the aggressive line traversing the screen (i.e. the Quix), and still cut of his space to move. 

The Znapp Quix is available for
platforms (Tried on SonyEricsson and Nokia) and
Android 1.5.

The pictures is a screen shot from the real game (the graphical quality is reduced on those pictures):


Before each level you get information on target, e.g. cut off 50%.


Move the blue sparkling runner, with arrows or touch screen (Android). Cut of pieces of the plane without being hit by the quix traversing the screen!


Once target completed, you get point and bonus, the fewer areas and the shorter time the better.


On higher levels you get different kind of obstacles, e.g. mines is a good idea to avoid cutting off. And for example extra life and coins is good to pick.


So far, only a demo is available, 6 playable levels and the last level repeats itself. Please download and try it!

The game has been tested on:

Contribute with a game

Upload your game in the upload section. Provide good pictures, animations, or other material to promote your game. Also contact information is needed, in case we finds someone who wants is interested in your game.

The games are for sale!

If you are a cell phone producer, or an operator, or some other kind of content provider; The games on this page are for sale. Please contact us for more information.

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